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tv   WLWT News 5 at Noon  NBC  February 8, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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[captioning made possible by wlwt-tv] mark: bullets fly in blue ash leaving leaving three people , injured, and a scene that inclues wrecked cars and bullets into nearby homes. the latest on the wild shoutout and the victim' s conditions, lisa: no chipotle for lunch. the restaurant is closed for nationwide meeting after out rakes of e. coli at no rotavirus. the efforts to keep you safe when the restaurant is expected to reopen -- the risk if you
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mark: a problem that could soon change for us. good afternoon, i' m mark hayes, lisa: and i' m lisa cooney. rain and show showers are moving across greater cincinnati, and now a winter weather advisory has been issued. mark: randi rico is here now with when we will get the biggest hit from the storm. randi: this is going to be with us for the next three days. it won' t be until this time wednesday that the snow is totally over, but' s note -- so far to the morning it is the kind of snow system that i like. big, fat flakes that melt when it hits the pavement. still seeing snow showers out of northern clinton counties, deeper blue indicating some big fat flakes flying. as we head south into kentucky and southeastern indiana, you will notice the radar showing all different colors because it is a mix of rain and snow, williamstown.
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southeastern indiana with snow showers falling from napoleon to osgood. temperatures at the moment on the ground, warm enough thanks to yesterday' s 53 degree high that it all melts away. the grass in the roof might see some accumulation, but the roads stay wet. winter weather advisory tonight at 6 p.m. and here' s the reason why. by the time we get to 6:00 or nine :00 tonight, temperatures will start to fall. we will fall below freezing. 6 p.m., rain showers and snow showers. the grass may get a coding. between 6:00 and 10:00 it will be a slow drop below freezing. at that time you could expect some icy spots and then after 10:00 we will see more snow showers with accumulation possible tonight. one inch total, we will take a look at how much we could see in the next few days in a couple of minutes. lisa: do developments into the
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mark: the neighborhood is on edge. wlwt news five' s janel walton is there with the details. janel: they are trying to piece this together with what happened yesterday afternoon. they know that three people are shot with non-life-threatening injuries. people here at the neighbors are obviously still upset about the shooting, especially as the stray bullet struck a neighbors house. a bullet flew into their home and missed their son by about 10 feet. sparked the shooting. two men were taken from the police. the three people that were shot were taken to the hospital. but investigators have not released any names at this time. still in shock about the shootout. >> we' ve never had any problems, everybody is really nice.
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happen right up the street, it' s just kind of shocking and concerning. janel: a3-year-old child was also injured, but it wasn' t for many bullets striking the child. the child was inside one of those vehicles that fled from the scene and crashed at the intersection of fairfield and cornell. the child was slightly injured but is otherwise ok. we will continue to follow the developments in the story throughout the day for any information. janel walton, wlwt news 5. lisa: a woman accused of hitting an 11-year-old girl in a crosswalk goes before a judge this morning. dan griffin is leading the way on today' s court appearance. dan: good afternoon. her attorney said that she did not make it last week because of
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they basically let her attorney do all the talking. london smith was left with unsafe. for. yesterday. we spoke with smith pause mother -- this morning. t believe that happened to her. you send those kids out to school, out the door, but you expect them to come back home. about the bond that was set today and fears that she can easily come up with 10% and be right back out and possibly not show up for court again. justice center, dan griffith. lisa: thank you. discovery of a meth lab in
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1015 last night, -- 10:15 last night, they noticed an equipment violation on the vehicle. when it didn' t pull over, they noticed someone else -- someone throwing out a plastic bottle that had meth making material inside. bond for each was set at $10,000. mark: chipotle restaurants closed at the height of lunch hour, including right here in greater cincinnati. in hyde park andrew has the latest. andrew: good afternoon. normally the chipotle here would be busy, but you can see that it' s empty. the dining room, no one is in it. the lights are off because this store is closed, like the rest of the nationwide. holding a meeting for all of its 50000 and. the company will go over new procedures for food safety. big problems have affected the
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outbreak last year. t realize that this closure was happening, it means a sudden shift in their lunch plans today. >> it kind of ruins my plans for lunch today. i was actually just telling my girlfriend that if she wanted something i would grab something for her to. she will be all excited. she' s pregnant, she' s probably like -- yeah, give me some chipotle. [laughter] chipotle' s worker meetings will wrap up and reopen at 3:00 this afternoon. meetings are being held off-site , away from the stores, and are employees. mark: thank you. a man charged with assault has to answer to the victims today. the victim had injuries to his face and ribs on the 2100 block
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lisa: a sword wielding man who caused a standoff with police in norwood has been arrested. police were called out to the morning after a 911 caller reported hearing a neighbor playing loud music and yelling on fire. when the police arrived they say that james anthony hall came out of the rear hallway with a sword . swat team was called in. he eventually surrendered and he now faces several charges. he will be arraigned tomorrow. mark: new details on separate fires in madisonville that happened after 8:00 this morning on palmetto street off bramble avenue. when the crews got there, fire and heavy smoke was coming from the home. bramble was closed while the crews were on the scene as it is still under investigation. greece cooking on the stove
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madisonville, crews were caused -- call to simpson avenue at 2:00 a.m.. the two people inside managed to get out, no one was hurt, the fire crews inside said that there were no working smoke detectors. lisa: the denver broncos are your super bowl champions. the mile high city is loving it. this is after the game last night when thousands of fans took to the streets to celebrate the victory. i handful of fans took it too far. police say that seven were arrested for minor offenses. this is denver' s first championship since 19-98 and it was all about the broncos defense. mark: the broncos had a tough task, stopping cam newton and the panthers high-powered offense. but on sunday carolina looked helpless. the broncos forced four turnovers including this strip that led to a touchdown. von miller was the guy who made this happen and he was huge for the broncos. miller was the super bowl mvp and his broncos beat the panthers 24-10. >> i'
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s the type of football player i am. if it was basketball i would be a three point shooter. the coach has been saying it all year, we need turnovers to win the game. lisa: the defense stole the show from the future hall of famer, peyton manning, who may have played his last game. plans. >> this has been a very emotional week budweiser, von -- very emotional week. i want to celebrate with my family, my friends. my teammates. and also budweiser. von miller is buying. lisa: that was the second time he dropped budweiser as his drink of choice. budweiser insists it was not planned tweeting. mark: sure you didn' t.
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was a tough weekend for the panthers and their governor. lisa: the crash that left the governor of north carolina with minor injuries. mark: ahead of tomorrow' s primary, last-minute messages and where they stand in the polls. >> tomorrow in the celebration parade you might know that it was planned beforehand, but at home we have snow on the way today, tomorrow, and wednesday. we will take a look at when the roads may turn and become slick
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it only takes a second for an everyday item to become dangerous always keep laundry pacs away from children. keep them closed. keep them up. keep them safe. a message from tide >> you are watching cincinnati' s wlwt news 5. leading the way. mark: welcome back. the death toll has risen after saturday' s earthquake in taiwan. 38 people are said to be dead now. at least four people including an 8-year-old girl were rescued building that was toppled by a powerful quake two days earlier. more than 100 people are believed to still be under the debris lisa: a mardi gras parade in christian, mississippi, turning
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two were killed, four were injured after gunfire broke out following the st. paul carnival association' s mardi gras parade. no suspects have been arrested. the parade is one of the largest on the coast. mark: the governor of north carolina expected to be ok after being involved in the crash after super bowl 50. his car was totaled, but his office says he only had minor injuries. lisa: now to commitment 2016, this is the last full day before voters go to the polls tuesday in new hampshire. mark: on sunday hillary clinton traveled to flint, michigan, leaving her opponent to campaign in new hampshire. bernie sanders has a double-digit lead over clinton. the republican field is crowded but most polls show donald trump with the lead. in a rare town hall, he took
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trump: i watched this stiff, this total stiff, jeb bush. mark: it' s a real race for the gop candidates. loser. the real race is the number two position. ted cruz, marco rubio. in two recent polls, john kasich was fighting for second place behind trump. wlwt leading the way on new hampshire coverage following the campaign of ohio governor, john kasich. mike will cover the governor' s bid for the white house live in new hampshire today and tomorrow on wlwt news 5. mark: new england is -- lisa: new england is bracing for a big snowstorm. a blizzard warning is in effect for southeast massachusetts. of to 18 inches of snow could fall today. other parts of the state, plus rhode island and eastern connecticut, could get four inches to eight inches. schools in boston and providence
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>> cincinnati' s certified most accurate forecast. randi: as it typically happens during the winter time the weather can give you whiplash. yesterday, 53. today, 40' s and some snow. we have a winter weather advisory going into effect at 6:00 tonight and it will not be lifted until 6:00 wednesday morning. prolonged duration of snow for us in much of the area. the advisory means we are not giving tons of snow, but at any point a burst could reduce on the road. what it' rain and snow through the morning and even when you do get the grass coated with a light s temperatures in the 50' s, the melts away. of
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turn to some icy spots and head into the evening hours. through 6:00 this evening, rain and snow with roads pretty much wet as the temperatures hovering near 40 degrees. 6:00 tonight, that' s when the weather advisory goes into effect between 6:00 and 10:00 tonight, temperatures taking a turn below freezing and icy spots developing on roads that are wet or not treated. through the overnight, more rounds of snow moving through. you could see anywhere from a dusting up to one inch of snow. it will not be easily spread but through the days tomorrow another inch on top of that with snow gone around lunchtime on wednesday. take a look, right now we are dealing with snow showers through ripley county, indiana, all looking at big, fat snowflakes. heading further to the south
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sun, the patriots, warsaw, looks like fat tuesday with mardi gras colors this week and a mix of rain and snow. no big deal, it is warm enough that right now the roads are just plain old wet. rounds of cold in our direction, each one dropping the temperature further and further with snow sticking to the pavement and maybe some icy spots. over 30' s, no worries. are still hanging out near the 40' s. falling from the sky. 10:00 tonight , the exact accumulation across our area for accumulating snow overnight. afternoon, a mix of rain and snow for everybody through the start of the evening commute and by 6:00 it is plain old snow that will start to stick. temperatures falling between 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. and i would
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possibility for a quick dusting on the ground. things to keep an eye on if you are out traveling tonight. it kind of depends on how much snow your part of town gets. often on through the day tomorrow, snow showers will continue. total today, tonight, tomorrow, through lunchtime on wednesday, a few inches of snow possible. there may be some tricky spots on the roads at any point from 6:00 this evening through wednesday at lunchtime. cooler air as we head to the weekend, highs in the 20' s. check out tuesday morning, single digits. lisa: crime-stoppers is here. with information on a couple of the tri-state' . mark: officer lesa smith is joining us from the cincinnati police department lesa, who are we looking for today?
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we are looking for our lives and are fields, wanted for domestic violence and two misdemeanor warrants. september 14, he was accused of kicking in a door and attacking the victim. 28 years old, five foot seven he has passed arrests for robbery, carrying a concealed wrote weapon, and resisting a work -- resisting arrest. lisa: thank you for coming in, have a good week. see you on monday. mark: if you have information that could help the police, please call crime stoppers. or you can submit tips on mine. remember, you don' t have to get -- give your name and you could get cash for clues. were not the sunday. mark: how did football voters come to voting for the best commercial? lisa: beyonce
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lisa: this year it looks like hyundai was the big winner for
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mark: usa today had fans vote on the best super commercials and the car company won with its first date ad. >> why don' t you go out and take my new car? >> thanks, pops. >> watch this. >> favorite spot? favorite girl. >> you messing with the wrong daddy. [laughter] mark: hyundai also aired a super bowl commercial featuring actor ryan reynolds and it was voted fifth best. lisa: trending now, queen bee, ended up on the ground. she jumped back on her feet. i don'
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by the time it was going, that moment did not matter. many consider her performance highlight of the halftime show. she created the biggest level on social media, releasing a new song and video the day before the show, then all out of breath [laughter] mark: well red lobster is , getting blasted for their reaction to beyonces new music video. in the song she mentions the restaurant so red lobster decided to tweet cheddar bey biscuits has a nice ring to it, don' [laughter] twitter users made fun of the restaurant saying they could have come up with something more clever. to which red lobster responder, . to which they responded -- you try to bake cheddar bay biscuits and tweet at the same time.
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polar bear officially has a name. nora, and she is so cute. by the way, that is a common nation of the note and aurora, her parents names. she was born november 6. very cute. but they do go out to be giant, dangerous things. mark: but that takes a while. [laughter] randi: just like our weather today. starts out cute. flurries, not a big deal. but when our wet roads turn icy tonight, off and on bands of
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